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Hireduty app

Outsource your tasks whether it’s a skilled or non-skilled task and focus on your priorities while your tasks are done. Help your neighbor in doing their household task and get paid for your service. You can search and find labor for whatever the category of job you need to get done, either for short period or long duration, may be one-time task or repeated task.

A one stop shop for both labors who search for job and public to get their task done. That also through and seamless online process.

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We realize the common man’s pain for survive. We realize the world outside corporates. We understand the pain of common mand to finding a daily job and getting paid. Our mission is to help those people who are willing to work for living, making their life easier and joyful.

Are you a plumper, electrician, carpenter, IT professional, CV writer, beautician or processing any talent as your own? Then you have a place out there in our world. Come and join us. Let us discover the new world of work and joy.

Visit our help center for detail documentation

As a Hireduty tasker

As a tasker the only thing that you need to do is to register with Describe your skills and update your contact and follow the instructions to get approved. That is all you have to do. Daily tasks will knock your door.

Visit us at and click on register button. Register as a tasker.

Then complete your personal profile, so that customers can understand you better.

You are then requested to explain the details of talent you own, like what all are the tasks you can perform.

As the part of authenticating the identity, we will ask you to upload any document which prove your identity.

Hireduty admin will approve your tasker account once the information and document are verified and authenticated.

Once you receive an approval email, you will be directed to a quiz to prove your skill level.

You are good to go with login and engage with bidding once you pass the quiz.

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As a Hireduty customer

Outsourcing is a common word among all kind of business. But as an individual we do outsourcing quite often in our daily life. Whenever you are asking your electrician to fix your motor or asking a carpenter to build a chair for you, you are doing outsourcing. It was not an easy task especially in your busy life to get somebody to fix something at your house, on land or for your vehicle.

Its all end here. No more hassle in finding a skilled person around you. Visit With our intuitive application you can either post your job and let the takers reach you or you can search and find the skill you want. Either way you could get connect with someone who can help in getting your task done.

Once you post a job, the same will be announced and interested taskers will bid on that. Or you can assign the job to your favorite tasker.

Once you and the tasker agreed on the job and amount, you will pay the amount and mark the job as assigned. Customer and tasker can communicate through our app.

Tasker will mark the job as completed once the job is done.

You will inspect the work and once you satisfied with the tasker’s performance, the job will be marked as closed and the payment will be transferred to taskers account.

All these are happening online. will take care all the way from start to end, so that you can enjoy your life without worrying about your outsourced task.

Visit our help center for detail documentation